Harvard Hat Shop

I was getting over my sickness quite well, so on Sunday we visited Crema Cafe in Harvard Square (my absolute favorite) for a mocha and a scone. We stumbled into Goorin Bros., a cute little hat shop, and tried on hats for who knows how long. Conclusion- I am not a hat person.

A celebratory drink.

B and I signed our lease!! We had to get a drink to celebrate, despite my little sickness going on. Now we're just waiting for C to sign. I guess that means another celebratory drink is in the future.

Cooking dinner with friends in candlelight. Risotto, salad, a bottle of wine, and 3 pints of Ben and Jerry's = Heaven.

One Saturday Night..

A trip toΒ Formaggio- a quant cheese shop in the South End- and a stop at City Bar to meet C and A for a drink.... Subsequently leading to home made mac and cheese with Formaggio purchases (and wine!)... Subsequently leading to a trip to the Bolyston bars..... ...and to a wonderful night's sleep