After Tiller

A wonderful story of 4 brave and inspiring doctors who sacrifice so much to help women in need. My only hope for my future career is to find something that I am as passionate about as these physicians are for their cause.

One year down

I made it. I completed my first year of medical school. I feel proud. I feel accomplished. Yet I feel like I have a very very long way to go. I am as timid as day 1 and still just as uneasy. But confident. This year went by incredibly fast. I moved in with my …

Anatomy is hard.

I finished my first anatomy exam and practical today. Studying for one more exam on Friday before over a week of freedom and what will probably be the best break ever. I CAN NOT WAIT.I am just, you know, chugging along. Eating too much ice cream, not exercising enough, sick of sitting and studying all …

I learned about PANDAS today during my child psych selective. Cool stuff!