My LAST WEEK of Med School!!

I disappeared for a bit to enjoy the most luscious time in a future doctor’s life: post-match prior to residency starting. The sweet feeling of having your career path planned out, but not yet having to worry about the responsibility of the big “MD.” It has been blissful.

I am thrilled with my match, and will be staying in the best city in the world (Boston) to complete my residency training. (!!!) (yay!) I had the most amazing match weekend, filled with family and splurging on amazing meals. W and I had a mini stay-cation at XV Beacon to celebrate all that we have been through over the past 4 years (turns out that being the boyfriend of a med student deserves just about as much credit as being one 😉 ). Honestly, my match has truly sunk in yet, and I don’t think it will until day 1. I feel so lucky that I am able to stay in my current apartment, and life won’t be completely up-turned. I did, however, get my intern year schedule already, and will be starting the year off strong… on Nights!!! My residency program also requires us to rotate though Pediatric Surgery, which I am not completely thrilled/ slightly terrified about. Anyway….. can’t think too much about that now!

I am currently on my Pathology rotation.. the VERY LAST ONE. It has been great, the content and the hours! There has been lots of looking in the microscope, grossing specimens that come in from the OR, and a very sad Pediatric autopsy. I have also been able to learn more about the chemistry lab, micro lab, and blood bank, which I think is so helpful! Since my last post, I’ve also rotated through Pedi Heme/Onc and Pedi Rheumatology, both of which were great. I’ve also been busy on the admissions committee and tutoring Neuroscience to the first years (#nerdalert)

I have one final presentation this coming Friday, and then there are so many fun things planned!!! Chicago, Miami, London, Scotland! More to follow regarding this.

Here are some pictures from Match weekend, if you would like to see:

Next up, GRADUATION! So many fun/celebratory things happening, its beginning to be slightly overwhelming (in an amazing way).

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