Happy New Year!

This year went by so fast! I finished up my third year rotations, found my love for Pediatrics, completed two Sub-Is on the Gen Peds wards and in the NICU, and traveled around the country for residency interviews, during which I had lots of down time to rejuvenate and re-charge.

This next year is going to be pretty insane. I will finish my last 4 months of medical school, find out where I matched in March, graduate in May, then a bit of down time until we move to an unknown place for residency! That will be a whole new story… Eek!

I have a few loose resolutions for the new year. Firstly, I am going to work on having more CONFIDENCE. My fellow med friends probably know, that confidence levels are fleeting throughout this whole process. Especially recently, I often found myself comparing my accomplishments and personality to other applicants on the interview trail. It’s easy to wonder what you have that they don’t. Man, it’s exhausting. At the end of the day though, I think it’s important to realize that if you are coming from the right place, are kind, genuine, and motivated, then there’s not much else to do. Everything should work out the way it is meant to. Right? Right?? Yes. I am so going to stop attributing my success to luck and give myself more credit for my own journey.

Resolution #2 is to be a better morning person. Particularly lately, when I haven’t had a normal schedule, my morning routine is all over the place. I have a ?gift of getting ready for work in about 6 minutes and find a lot of satisfaction in hitting the snooze button many many times. I want to create more sacred morning for myself. Maybe a nice cup of tea and some music to start my day one he right foot. (I got this for my mom for Christmas and secretly want it myself.. How cool??) So, we’lol see how that goes.

Resolution #3 is to read the monthly issue of Pediatrics In Review every month to brush up my skills a bit!

Today is our last day over a very quiet, relaxing vacay in the mountains of North Carolina filled with some hiking and million cups of tea.

One more thing- I turned 27 this past week! Honestly, this is the first birthday that I feel like I’m getting old. I got some amazing presents this year! Most excited for my Soda Stream carbonater and my gift card to try Boston’s famous O Ya!!! 

See you in 2017!


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