The Interview Suit….

Shout out to all my med school ladies who had to endure the stress of finding the PERFECT interview suit.

Interview season is so….weird. The pageantry of it sort of freaks me out and the formality of wearing a suit doesn’t help. I am applying into Pediatrics, which definitely has the reputation of being a fun, relaxed, supportive field, so all of my opinions are biased by this. In the medical school blog world, what to wear to residency interviews stirs up a surprising amount strong, differing opinions: black vs non-black, pants vs skirt, heels vs flats ect.

I chose to go with a black pantsuit. It was an easy decision for me to go with the standard, conservation approach because I wanted no additional reason to be doubtful or less confident on my interview day. If you are the type of girl who thrives on being fashion forward, then totally go for something different! Be you. That is all a residency program is really looking for. And by different, I mean a fun colored blouse, cool shoes ect. Most people stick with black, navy, or gray suits. From my interviews so far, most people wear black. About 1/5 wear navy or gray. 1/3 of the girls wore skirts. I haven’t seen any dresses yet! Surprisingly about half of the girls wore flats.. I’m sticking to the heels because I think they add a really nice touch to the suit.

I am in the middle of my interview season and have managed to only need one suit. I bought a few different tops, but have worn the same one to every interview because I like it so much. My interview days are really nicely spaced, so don’t worry- I’ve had plenty of time for multiple dry cleans :).

Here is my interview outfit ! : ) Click on the picture for the link. I love love my jacket- I think its pretty different and so cute. Definitely my favorite piece.

Primary Image of All-Season Stretch Peplum JacketPrimary Image of Devin All-Season Stretch Trousers

Thumbnail Image of Color Swatch 3622 Image of Pintuck Henley ShellLCF17_X3E0F

My make up is simple (like it always is) and I wear my everyday jewelry, including this delicate number that was gifted to me and that I am so in love with.

What did you wear? So excited until I can put this think in the back of the closet!


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