A day in the life of Step 2 studying and my residency application picture!

So to start off, I am NOT a morning person… (I know, this is like the worst trait to have for someone going into medicine) so my schedule when I’m not working gets pretty lopsided pretty fast- don’t judge!

I’m one week away from USMLE Step 2 and I have to admit, my studying has not been as strong as Step 1 studying.. I think I’m just tired. Step 2 isn’t as important as Step 1 and most people don’t give it a ton of time so hopefully I’ll be OK!!!

I came to my parents house outside of Chicago to study and will be taking my test at the same testing center as I took Step 1 (gotta keep it consistent). It’s quiet and relaxing here, I get to spend some quality time with my parents, and the homemade dinners are a huge perk!

Typically day (warning, its boring!)

10/10:30 – Wake up (I told you, don’t judge!!!) I actually feel guilty about this, but how often do I get to sleep in till 10.. never! Man, it feels good.

10:30 – 12:00 – Head out to my study spot for the morning. Recently it has been this awesome local coffee shop, Hansa. Some days  its at home on the back porch. I like changing locations to give me a kick start, and having a nice iced latte or mocha is a perk!

12-1 – Head home. Break, eat something, play with my dog that I miss dearly, Molly!!!!!

1-4:30 – Study block number 2!

My studying basically consists of UWorld Q-bank . It got me through Step 1 and I pick up the material pretty quickly by doing a ton of questions and then reviewing them. I like to work systems based. Today was Pulm! I have another study book but find it pales in comparison to UWorld.

5:30- 7 – Dinner with my parents! My mom loves cooking dinner so its really nice to sit down to a nice meal.


7-10 – Wine drinking, Olympic watching, and ice cream eating

After I get into bed, my mind has been keeping me up with residency stressors, stupid YouTube videos and Netflix (hence the 10 am wake up). As residency applications are jsut around the corner, I’ve spent a lot of time researching programs and getting all my stuff together!!

One of these things is my application picture.

I was really (unnecessarily) stressed out about this stupid thing.

I mean, I really wanted to look professional and make a good impression, but didn’t want to go overboard. It seems somewhat controversial whether or not to get a professional photo taken, but the deans at my medical school advised against it. We spend so much money on the interview process anyway, and apparently programs use the photo mainly to identify you during the interview, and remember you for the match. I do know alot of people do get them professionally done though. I can’t help but think the impact my photo will make on the person who decides whehter or not I get an interview.. I mean, check out this study and this article!! (Or don’t, it’s kind of sad).

Drum-roll please…


Not pictured: My bright yellow pajama shorts and the staircase I’m standing on in my house to get the part of the wall with the best lighting. This photo was taken my my dad, on his. iPhone. Do you think it works?!?

What did you guys do? I’d love to hear!

xoxo A


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