I finished OB/Gyn!!! An officially 1/2 of 3rd year.

Since labor and Delivery, I have rotated though clinic (routine ob visits and annual checkups), outpatient offices (Uro/gynecology, pelvic pain clinic, Reproductive endocrinology, In-vitro fertilization, Planned Parenthood), Gyn oncology, and general gyn surgery. Phew. This rotation was a lot of running around, and having to frequently readjust to new settings and new people. As soon as you may start to get the hang of one thing, you immediately move to something else! This lends to a constant state of discomfort, essentially starting a new job every single day. That being said, I learned A TON. So much. Ob is a pretty unique field in medicine- it was like starting all over again.

My favorite part of this rotation was Reproductive endocrinology and IVF, by far! It is so amazing. I spent some time in the IVF lab, looking at eggs, sperm, and embryos. I helped transfer embryos into women who were hoping to start a family. I love the genetic aspect of it- preimplantation genetic diagnoses. The implications this technology has on the future of reproductive health is very exciting/cutting edge/kinda scary.

Gyn Oncology was an intense week. One patient came to the ED for bloating a abdominal pain, who would late be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. : ( Ovarian cancer is such a scary and horrible disease, with very few warning signs before it becomes widespread. In the OR one day, we removed at 40 cm ovarian mass (HUGE/ larger than a baby) from a patient, which thankfully ended up being benign. It was pretty crazy. I got to make a huge abdominal incision!

I had Columbus day off and my parent’s were on the east coast for my mom’s bday trip! We had the nicest fall day together at the Book Mill and eating delicious meals in West Hartford. So great to catch up and relax. Also went to a wonderful wedding of a med school classmate in NH. October is my absolute favorite month, so I was happy to be able to take advantage of the fall weather and foliage.

I took my shelf on Friday and now I have 2 weeks of VACAY!!!!! Yayyy!! This couldn’t have come at a better time. I think I was starting to feel burn out (if that’s even possible as a third year) so I am looking forward to regrouping for a bit. Will and I leave for San Fran on Wednesday! And then I will go to Chicago for a few days. My next rotation is a Radiology rotation here in Boston, so I will be living at home for the next month!

Coming up: Medicine, Peds (yay!), and Family. Then fourth year! Time is flyin’. I am so relieved to have surgery and ob behind me.Looking forward to the second half of the year.




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