End of Child Pysch

Finished up my 3 weeks of Child Psychiatry!

This rotation was definitely more relaxed than my previous. A typical day went like this:

8:00: arrive to the unit, which is in the downtown area, about 10 minutes from the hospital. I drive right passed a Starbucks on my way there, so if I have time, I’ll stop for a morning treat. I use a code to enter the locked unit, step up my desk, and start reading up on my team. I worked with the adolescent team, and we only had 6 kids at most.

9-12:30: This varied every day. If there were no meetings going on, I would sit in on group therapy sessions or pull kids out of therapy to check in with them about recent med changes, how they are feeling, and how things are going at home. Sometimes we would have an intake meeting with a new admit and their family or a group meeting with the entire team (counselors, social workers, doctors, teachers). When I felt more comfortable towards the end on my rotation, I was able to lead my own family meetings and initial intakes.

12:30-1:00: Lunch! During which I would work on progress notes from the morning.

1:-3:00: More meetings, more notes. Again, everyday was different. More hanging out and getting to know the kids.

3-5:00: Head to the main campus of the hospital for didactics (If I didn’t already have them in the morning). These include lectures on different pathologies or psychopharmacology.

5-10:30 – Head home, eat dinner, shower, and study, in any order.

So yea, each day was really different! Psychiatric interviews are definitely much more challening than medical interviews, so it was good to get some practice. Not only do you have to gather all the history about what is going on, you have to be able to psychoeducate and use some psychotherapy all at the same time. Good psychiatrists are truly talented at what they do.

Tomorrow I started in the Adult Psychiatric Treatment Unit, wish me luck?!

I’m back in Boston this weekend, eating way too much, celebrating birthdays, and cat sitting for the most adorable little kitten, Pepper!! Here is an update of my #100happydays Challenge, I’m one week in… Can I keep it up!? Follow along on Instagram..


2 Replies to “End of Child Pysch”

  1. Congrats on finishing your child psych rotation! In some ways I think child psych would be so interesting but it’s also very intimidating! Truly you have to have a very special gift to go into the field.

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