Have you guys heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge? Check it out!

“We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.”

People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
– Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
– Be in a better mood every day;
– Start receiving more compliments from other people;
– Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
– Become more optimistic;
– Fall in love during the challenge.”

Convincing, right!?!?

I am not going to lie, third year has been TOUGH for me, despite all the photos I post of all the fun things I do. There is a lot about the trials of medical school that I don’t mention here, because c’mon, who wants to be the downer?? Also, spending your days with depressed, anxious kiddos with horrible trauma histories is not. fun. But may I will start writing about the harder stuff. What do you think?

I’ve done the challenge for just 2 days now. This hasn’t been hard to do because I LOVE instagram! But seriously, So far, I have noticed that challenge itself encourages me to seek out thinks that make me happy, ie, going to a coffee shop to study instead of going straight home. It also lets me reflect on the day, what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I am thankful for. I really hope I can keep it up!! If I make it to 100 days, I will have finished my psych rotation, my ob/gyn rotation, went on vacay, and started my radiology rotation! That is crazy. If all 100 days between now and then can have some happy within it, WOW.

I’ll try to post weekly recaps of my photos on here!


4 Replies to “#100HappyDays”

  1. Hi Ali!

    I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I really enjoy reading about your life as a medical student. I’m in my last year of undergrad in Boston and am planning to apply to medical school after taking a few gap years to improve my academic credentials. Did you apply directly into medical school after undergraduate?

    I’d be interested in reading more content about your struggles/challenges in medical school amidst all the positives. It’s always important to be grateful for where we are in life. Keep up the great attitude!


    1. Thanks for reading Alice!! Congrats on deciding on medicine!
      I went straight into med school after college, but taking a few years off is great! A ton of people in my class have really interesting past experiences (medical or not) that really bring a lot of different perspectives to the table. Good luck with everything, I’d be happy to answer any more questions you have!

  2. What a neat challenge to stay positive. As someone planning a future in medicine I would appreciate hearing about the harder aspects of medical school if you are willing to share!

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