Preceptor Bonding

On Wednesday night this week, one of my clerkship directors at the hospital I am working at hosted a dinner at his beautiful home (+barn!) for the third year medical students and all of the clerkship directors. A cohort of us are spending the year at the hospital, so we really get to know the staff and they love getting to know us. It was a perfect, stress free, wine-fueled night. I was able to chat and joke with my surgery director about how my rotation went and he helped me put things into perspective with a little pep talk. One of my classmates bravely pushed the medicine director in to the pool (don’t worry, he already finished his med rotation), after which he participated in a game of chicken with some of the boys. Spending your entire third year at one hospital is a unique and uncommon situation, but nights like these make me so glad I choose this program! It’s also nice to know that life does exist after medical school. I’m looking forward to the next dinner- the Ob/Gyn director will be hosting!

As for Child Psych, I just finished my second week. It’s been going pretty well. Lots of meetings and a TON of note writing. Is this what it feels like to have a desk job?! I’ve been able to bond with some of the kids in the program, which makes it all worth it.

Life recently, basically. Holding onto summer for as long as I can.


xoxoxo A

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