Child Psych Begins…

Just finished my second day of Child Psych- boy, is it different. I am working at a partial hospitalization program downtown, so the kiddies come during the day for an average of 1-2 weeks and go home at night. The have group therapy, classroom sessions, and 1:1 therapy. They learn coping mechanisms, meditation, and how to understand their mental illness. I am working with the older kids, so ages 14-16. They all have different stories, many of them are pretty sad/terrible. I’m looking forward to getting to know some of them over the next three weeks.

Starting a new rotation is always a bit frustrating in one way or another. You have to immerse yourself in an entirely new subject matter, figure out expectations, get acquainted with an entirely new team, and prove yourself as a smart, hard worker, all within a matter of weeks. Just when you feel like you just may be getting the hang of things, its starts again from the beginning.

It’s too early to tell whether I love it or not- it is definitely different than I expected, but let you know!


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