A (perfect) Boston Summer Weekend

I’m back in Western MA prepping to start my second core clerkship- Psychiatry! I am looking forward to it- particularly my first 3 weeks on Child Psych. I’m sure I’ll have lots of interesting stories and will try to share some here!

Speaking of child psych, I dragged my boyfriend to see Inside Out with me this weekend! After reading this article, I thought it would be the perfect way to transition into my rotation. The movie was really impressive- I can’t get over the creativity and genius of Pixar- how do they consistently make movies that kids LOVE and have deep, deep meaning at the same time. Yes, I cried.

The rest of my weekend was perfect and sunny. I caught up with some old camp friend on Friday night. On Saturday, we biked to the pru, then to the newly opened Boston Public Market (so cool! And Union Square donuts is there!), then to Legal Harborside for lobster rolls. We had to obviously stop at Trillium Brewery on the way home since we were in the neighborhood. Saw the movie Saturday night, got some sushi and checked out the brand new City Target. I think its safe to say we went a bit overboard- but it was awesome! I am perfectly sun kissed tonight and ready for my week!

Let’s talk about Sunday nights. You either hate them or you love them. I can’t decide. I really want to love them. It is so hard for me to get packed up in the car to drive from Boston back to Western MA. I don’t know why it always has to be so emotionally involved… I’m gonna have to work on my relationship with Sundays. Advice?





One Reply to “A (perfect) Boston Summer Weekend”

  1. Sunday’s are always hard…especially this summer when my weekends have been so fun and Monday’s aren’t nearly as exciting. During the school year (which hasn’t started for me yet!) I try and ease myself back into “Monday mode” earlier in the afternoon on Sunday so the next morning isn’t such a shock to the system. I have to admit that this doesn’t always work though haha. Good luck with your week!

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