Almost done with elective!

I’m 2 days into my second and final week of Child Neuro elective and I still love it! The interesting cases, the cute kids, the amazing office space that was designed by Disney Imagineers (so cool, I know). The brain is incredible and can cause the weirdest problems. Sometimes very sad. I saw a patient today with juvenile Huntington’s disease. She was diagnosed when she was 10.

I’ve been working on a presentation that I have to give on Thursday on autoimmune encephalitis. Have you read Brain on Fire? Check it out- definitely worth a read. The author experienced an autoimmune encephalitis before it became more well-known. It’s still pretty new and exciting. Cutting edge research translating straight into clinic.

Otherwise, I had a nice relaxing weekend. I spent some time in the adorable downtown Northampton and had a great catch up with a friend on Sunday. It was a perfect day of hiking, lunch, and farmers markets.

I’m looking forward to going back to Boston this weekend and then start Child Psych on Monday. Child Neuro and Child Psych are what seem to be interesting me the most right now in terms of future career, so I am happy to have them close enough together to really compare/contrast. I’m looking forward to establishing deeper relationships with my patients on psych, although I’m not completely sure what to expect! Will keep you updated.

Something about fresh farmer's market flowers
Something about fresh farmer’s market flowers


2 Replies to “Almost done with elective!”

  1. I loved reading Brain on Fire! Have you read Still Alice? Its fiction, but similar in that its told from the patient’s point of view and what its like to have Alzheimer’s. Good luck with child psych! I’ve heard its an interesting one.

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