Back to school, back to school

Tomorrow is my last day of an amazing two week vacation.

I am very anxious about returning to the hospital. I continue telling myself that this time will be better, because I am interested in Child Neuro and Psych and the hours will definitely be better. Today my stomach starting turning- the most annoying manifestation of my anxieties.

This also means I move back to West Springfield and away from Boston. Leaving my main support system. Sometimes I think the separation is probably healthy. It at least makes my weekends back in Boston so much more exciting.

Looking forward to working with kiddies and re-finding my motivational path!

Some highlights from vacation!

If you are ever in Maine, but stop at Cape Elizabeth for the Lobster Shack. Best view and lobster roll all in one! Really. So good.
The air was salty and amazing.
Gray day at Walden Pond in Concord, MA
Union Square Donuts = heaven


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