Where have I been??

That is an excellent question… The answer is boring and expected – I have been studying! Forever and ever and ever. Turns out studying all the time doesn’t make for exciting blog posts. So here I am in Boston, freezing my butt off and covered in the accumulation of 4 blizzards after my Endocrine exam this morning……

Ok, its not all bad!

While this year had its ups and downs, it was overall successful. I established my self in a new apartment with my boyfriend, I drank more hot chocolate that you can imagine, and I learned the art of treating myself after a hard week’s work (this has become very important). Honestly, thinking back, I can’t believe how fast the time has gone- like crazy fast. Well, I guess it is still only February, but 2nd year ends in 4 weeks! I started seeing patients in a primary care clinic this year, I became comfortable with patient interviewing, and I learned more information than I thought was humanely possible (that whole drinking from a fire hose thing is real). I spent a lot of time by myself staring at my computer.

So, Why am I back? Also a good question. There are a couple of reasons:

1) I miss blogging! Blogging is the only creative outlet I know and I really do enjoy doing it. It appeases my wanna-be graphic designer alter-ego. And blogging is NOT studying.

2) I have a really exciting year ahead of me! After I take Step 1, I am moving to a new town not too far away to rotate through different medical specialties. I’ll be learning clinical medicine and be thrown in the trenches of hospital life. It’s a unique experience that I want to document and remember.

3) I’ll be sharing some of my Step 1 study tips for future medical students (but i promise to not make it toooo dull for non medical people!)

This is what I have been dealing with…


Study friends (aka Bubbly bears from Sugarfina)


Until next time!


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