Post Exam Splurges

I don’t recommend going out to splurge after every exam because then you will definitely be broke (as if med school loans haven’t gotten you already). I do, however, recommend treating yourself and rewarding your hard work every once in a while. This week was brutal. I needed a splurge and I think I was successful! Boy, there really is something about a girl and her retail therapy.


1) I am counting the days/hours/minutes until I go on a little weekend trip to Amelia Island, FL for a mom/daughter girls weekend! All of my bathing suits are from my Florida days (6 years ago) and I haven’t had much opportunity to hit the beach in Boston, thus this J Crew Bathing suit was needed. The fit is amazing and I love love love it!

2) When you’re home all day studying, it is easy to go from city girl to crazy cat lady in a very short amount of time. When I’m getting restless in my leggings and over sized sweaters, sometimes I’ll put on a bit of lipstick and it makes me feel so much more alive! Who cares if no one sees it? I’m trying a new power pigment from tarte (tipsy).

3) Sugarfina, you have stolen my heart. Especially the honey beans and the peanut butter toffee.

4) Can’t wait to get all cozy with a cup of this to replace my nightly chamomile.

Ah, shopping. I love you.

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