Dear Readers,

I am sorry for being.. the worst.

Life has been good. Busy. It seems like I have no time because when I do have time I really should be studying (always). But the truth is, I do have time. I see my friends, I go out, I walk around the city. So I guess it’s all relative. Prioritizing. Clearly, blog- writing has fell low on my list of priorities, but I don’t really want it too. (Also, I have an exam to study for (again) and this just may be a form of procrastination?)

Boston got very cold this week. Today is windy and my nose turns red every time I step outside. I’m in my room “studying” while Will is making Lamb and Barley soup in the kitchen. What would I do without him?

As for medical school, I finished Block 1 with flying colors!!!! I took all of my final exams, had my interviewing practical (my standardized patient’s son committed suicide :(. They really do NOT make it easy) and FINALLY closed the book on Epidemiology and Biostats.

On Monday we started 2nd block, which includes Anatomy and work with cadavers. School already feels different. We’re finally diving into the human body and all of its imperfections. As scared as I was/am for Anatomy, I think I will enjoy it in the end. I can’t wait and hope to achieve a deeper understanding of the body. My exam on Tuesday includes Pathology, Physiology, and Pharmacology. The scary P’s.

And I get to go home on Tuesday and see my family! I am so excited. My visit will include a mani/pedi, a haircut, and hopefully some shopping so I feel like a real person again. Unfortunately, it will also include lots of the anterior/medial/ posterior thigh and gluteal region.

O! I starting volunteering with the AIM program through the Mass Down Syndrome Congress. Love the little guys.

I’m craving a change in my life, and suggestions?



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