3 exams down!!

On Saturday morning, I had a mental breakdown. Tears. Rolling down my cheeks. Will was here, and the poor guy probably thought I was crazy.

The rest of the weekend passed, I took my exam this morning, and I think I did pretty well. Phew. I would have never imagined that I would be here on Saturday morning.

That morning helped me put a few things in perspective.

1) Sleep is the most important thing. Ever. On Saturday I was seriously lacking. That, in combination with exam stress made me…. fragile. Everything seems a little (or alot) harder when you’re running on coffee.

2) Having the boyfriend around during exam weekend is the worst thing and the best thing at the same time. While he was out hanging with our friends, I was studying, which only made it worse. It made me remember what my life in college used to look like. Boy, have things changed. But when he was home, he made me homemade mac and cheese, bought me ice cream, gave me a massage, and big hugs. (I’m sure some of that was influenced by serious concerns for my health, haha). I kinda want him here all the time. So thankful for the love and support, can’t imagine med school without it.

3) Puppies make life better. Will’s parent’s brought their new puppy, Isla, to the city to play! While it took extra hard work for me to make time to hang for a bit, it was TOTALLY worth it. Rejuvenating.

4) Whoever though it was a good idea to have a financial aid info session right after our exam is a looney.

5) Apparently, my mindset of “don’t worry, have fun with your fake money” is not good. I gotta work on budgeting. Don’t buy fancy coffee like I do almost every day. (Yes, I walked right out of the info session and straight to the gym, where I cancelled my membership with financial aid info packet in hand). Also, mint.com is an excellent budgeting tool.

6) Movies and Ice cream on a Monday night = happy girl.

Highlights from my weekend:





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