2 exams down, no time for breathers

So the exam came and went and I already feel behind. How is this even possible!? I did well on my exam 🙂 (phew) but they really don’t want to give us a break.

We started Microbiology and Immunology on Tuesday, and got rid of Genetics and Cell Bio for good! (well, until Step 1 at least). My interviewing location was switched to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and I am half done with my psych selective! Time has gone by so. fast.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. I am going up to Maine again to spend time with Will/ relax big time/ hike/ go to our new fav place in Portland/ look at the pretty fall trees!!! AH I totally need a mini vaca. These little intermittent weekends have been soo great for my mind and I hope they keep happening! In fact, next weekend I am planning to go on a trip with a big group of people from college to our Outdoors club lodge! Hopefully I’ll be on top of work enough to get away twice in a row. The weekend after that is yet another exam weekend. whoa.

New discovery: The Boston Public Library is my new favorite study place. So quite and so beautiful. People don’t judge you if you stay for hoursandhours.

Keeping me going: Sugar. I’m talking pints.




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