The weekend before an exam…

pretty much consists of studying consistently until you can’t take it anymore. I think I’ve hit my threshold for today, might try and give it another go later tonight. (i did go out with friends last night and may see some other friends tonight- yay for balance!)

Today was actually ridiculous when I think about it. Around 10 I started at a coffee shop down the street. Around 12:30 I went to my college’s student center and found a table to study at for another few hours. I then moved tables to another part of the student center (with a Starbucks!) for a few more hours. Apparently moving locations really helps. You know what else helps… peanut MMs!!

All I can say now is that I am sooo happy my school is Pass/Fail. Takes the edge off.

Anyone know what this is!?! I can tell u alll about it. O med school. normal-lymph-node-histology-[2-ln01-2h]

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