An amazing weekend and my thoughts on relationships

Sorry for taking so long to post!

Last week got really busy. I went to visit my boyfriend in Maine this weekend, so I worked extra hard to try and free it up!

Last week was pretty typical. Lots of class, a bit of interviewing, and a ton of studying! Thursday night was a nice break.. a friend and I went to “Third Thursdays” at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. I highly recommend going. I couldn’t think of a better break from Medical School than exploring your artistic side at a beautiful museum, complete with cocktails and a jazz concert! So. much. fun. Did I mention that the night started off with a sushi dinner? How amazing is this venue!?


On Friday, I endured a long and traffick-y bus ride up to the middle of Maine to spent the most fabulous weekend with the person that makes me happiest. We hiked Tumbledown Mountain on Saturday, then had a mini vacation to Portland. Today we strolled around the beautiful city, did some shopping, and found the most amazing brewery/distillery/restaurant. Go to in’finiti if your are ever in Portland. Seriously.



Which brings me to the topic of tonight’s post: relationships in medical school. I can really only scratch the surface of the topic, because I’ve only been in school for a couple of weeks, but here is my insight so far:

1) It helps a ton if your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever you want to call it is even remotely interested in medicine. Medicine will become your life, and 95% of what you talk about. If you are with someone who 1) can stand to listen to it or 2) can talk about it with you, you are in great shape! My boyfriend is studying physical therapy and loves the field of medicine, so I am SO lucky. This is not to say that you’re in trouble if your partner does not like science, but it certainly helps.

2) My boyfriend and I are currently in different states, and as much as I hate it, it allows me to work hard and do what I need to when we’re not together, so I can try hard to free up my time when we are. I think this makes the time we spend together more fun, and it certainly makes me appreciate it more.

3) I have been so thankful for the support that comes out of my relationship. Someone to call when your super super stressed who will somehow make you feel better.

Hmmm I guess that’s all I got! I was scared going into school because everyone talks about how hard it is to maintain a relationship in medical school. So far its been a pretty positive aspect of my life, but I will you let you know if anything changes! haha. Also, a lot of my class mates are either engaged or married so it must be possible, right!?!?

Until next time,


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