Today was interesting. Aside from our normal Foundations classes (Epidemiology, Genetics, Biochem), I attended two “special” programs. (Note: a lot of classes in medical school are NOT mandatory. All of the lectures are recorded and not going to classes is not necessarily frowned upon if it works better with your study habits. I still do, but in the process of working out the most efficient way.)

Anywayyy, the first one was Relaxation and Meditation. It. was. amazing. Especially after Biochem, the might just kill me on this next exam. We were taught Diaphragmatic breathing and full body relaxation methods. I think its safe to safe that most medical students can be considered “type A” and don’t really let their mind rest much. I’m the type that constantly thinks, making sleep hard to come by sometimes. My boyfriend has always been a huge advocate of meditation and showed me this app, and I was always a bit skeptical (actually I just thought it was really hard). But boy, now that I was lead to do it properly, I love it! After our session today, I felt like a new gal. Is it something that I can keep up? I don’t know, but I need to try. Mindfulness is everything! There are some days I feel so busy I forget to eat. Not good. Taking a step back can make all the differences. Side note: Our guide to mediation used to work with burn victim under going treatment baths… I hope “medical student” isn’t a comparable population….

Immediately after Meditation, I went to a Career Counseling session with the Deans (which immediately undid my relaxed state, sigh). Although this is not much we can do in terms of residency placements now, they encouraged us to think about our priorities and what would make us happy in a career and use this website to take surveys and explore options. It was nice to hear the Tufts students are competitive and do really well during match. I have some ideas of what I would like to do, which I can write about later. As for now, I’m just trying to get through this next exam.

I love my medical school. The fact that they take time out of our schedule to learn about relaxation and mindfulness really says a lot about the priorities and vibe of the school. They take care of us big time.

I’ll leave you with this:

and this

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