This past week has been a bit crazy.

On Friday afternoon after our exam review session, I rushed home and MOVED APARTMENTS. Not the ideal activity scheduled the weekend before an exam, but with the help of my awesome dad and amazing boyfriend, we not only moved all of my furniture and belongings, but moved all of my boyfriends furniture and belongings on Saturday, and made time to go the mall on Sunday (maybe not the smartest choice). Thank goodness for Labor Day though, because Monday was for studying.

I did great on my exam so HORAYYYYY. Huge cause for celebration.

A few of the girls and I got together last night for wine night to take a bit of a break from the all-encompassing world of medical school. I think its super important to find people in your class going through the same thing as you. It makes everything a bit better.

Recent developments:

I got matched for my first selective!! – Child/adolescent psychiatry. So excited! I’ll spend every Tuesday afternoon for the next 8 weeks working with a Psychiatrist at Tufts.

I shadowed at the Down Syndrome Clinic at Boston Children’s on Wednesday. It was a wonderful and beautiful experience.

Next week we are adding Ethics, Tissue and Organ Biology, and Problem Based Learning to the schedule. Load it up!

I have made someone of an advancement on the Community Service Learning Project. Check this awesome organization out.


TOMORROW is my white coat ceremony!! It is going to be official! My boyfriend, brother, and parents get into town tonight to kick off a fun and hopefully relaxing weekend (looking forward to hiking with friends on Sunday). We are going to Tico for dinner tonight. Stay tuned for pictures!

Well, I am going to try to squeeze in a lecture before my parents come over, I will try and update more frequently!!



Girls night!!




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