Must-Reads Before Medical School

1) The Emperor of all Maladies

I read this “biography of cancer” all summer on the beaches of Nantucket. It is truly fascinating and has a ton of Boston connections! Today our lecturer of “The Biology of Cancer” told everyone that they have to read it. So if you don’t listen to me, listen to him. It was amazing!


2) Ask Me Why I Hurt: The Kids Nobody Wants and the Doctors Who Heal Them

The author, Randy Christensen, is the keynote speaker at my White Coat Ceremony tomorrow, as well as a Tufts alum! The book is his biography and journey of starting a clinic on wheels to serve the homeless children in Phoenix. So touching and moving, try not to cry! I went to a more intimate discussion with him today – he’s and amazing guy.


3) The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

An amazing book that forces you to think about cultural disparities in Medicine. I read this during a Doctor/Patient Relationship class over the summer, and it brought up a lot of amazing conversations.


Start Reading!

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