Settling in.

Things I have learned after 1.5 weeks of medical school.

1) They really aren’t kidding about the whole “drinking out of a fire hose thing”

2) Even with a small class, you will still meet new people everyday

3)  Stress = sickness. Sickness = studying in bed all weekend with an excuse. In med school, this seems like a positive, but you must convince yourself it is NOT.

4) Taking a medical history of old people is quite entertaining. Old people love to talk.

5) Free food is abundant in med school if you look for it.

6) Going to class isn’t always necessary. In fact, its encouraged if your study habits are such. Listen to lecture recordings in HYPERSPEED.

7) They sneakily squeeze in your first exam (next Tuesday) before your white coat ceremony. Also immediately after the weekend you have to move apartments. GREAT.

8) So many student activities exist. And often provide free food. I plan on participating in AMWA and the Medical Genetics Interest group. Everything is really casual.

So far, despite my sickness and mild level of constant stress. I love school!

I am taking a break from studying tonight (it kind of is necessary to study everyday to stay afloat) and Will and I will be enjoying Boston’s Restaurant Week at Mistral. Hooray!

How life has been looking recently:



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