Day One.

I survived my first day of med school!! And it was… fun? A lot of talks and orientation-related things, but included free breakfast and lunch (always love that) and a lovely meditation period (I’m serious – stress management). The most overwhelming part of the day for me was meeting sooo many new people and trying to remember their names.. our class has 204 total. I was really impressed at how diverse our class is, people come from all walks of life. It’s refreshing. I can’t wait until I get to know everyone.

Things I took home from my first day of med school:

1. Our class is my school’s first class EVER to have more women than men – girl power.

2. At least 5 people in my class will marry another 5 people in my class, statistically.


4. I get a white coat anddd a nifty fleece jacket – we had fittings today.

Tonight I am going to a school sponsored Trivia night at a nearby bar. Last night I didn’t end up going to the bar event because my boyfriend and I went for drinks to kick off my school year at Gallows, (which I highly recommend). He’ll be moving to Maine soon for a clinical rotation, so we wanted to celebrate the start of new things! That seafood board was to die for, as was the sangria. I’ll definitely miss nights like this when classes start.



Day 2 of orientation tomorrow! So far so good : )

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