Med School Starts Tomorrow!

… so today I woke up late, went to a relaxing yoga class


and treated myself to a mani/pedi. (Don’t you just feel so much more ready when your nails look good?? I did this the day before my med school interview too.)


I feel a bit nervous, but more excited! And definitely ready. Because I did the Prematriculation program, I’ve already had a ton of my questions answered and got the nitty gritty things, like photo id and email account, all set up. Also, tomorrow is the start of our orientation week, so nothing too serious yet. In fact, it sounds like its going to be a ton of fun! The social chairs from the class above us sent us an entire schedule of fun events to supplement orientation week – bar nights, bowling, neighborhood potlucks, and a field day. Our classes don’t technically start until next Monday.

Side note: for all you Lorde fans, how cool is this cover?! Will be playing 500 more times this week.

I love how hard the guy in purple shirt is concentrating, and I loveee the girl’s voice.

Tonight there is a bar event planned downtown to kick off the week! I also plan on having a yummy, healthy dinner and getting to bed at a reasonable hour (let’s see if this actually happens..)

Thanks for your support! I’ll keep you posted ; )


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