Last Saturday of Summer…

….which obviously means a beach day! My good friend Melissa turned 23, so 8 of us headed to Manchester by the Sea, MA (the most beautiful place EVER) and had a perfect, relaxing, sunny day. I got some good color that ideally will stay with me through the rest of the summer (and all the sunny days that I will be spending in a classroom). While my friends pulled out their saucy summer reads, I pulled out my Netter’s, and was severely made fun of, but hey! You got to appreciate the excitement while it lasts! Amongst the girly beach conversations included one about tattoos… how cool is this?!?!


My last weekend before med school is turning out to be so great! Tomorrow is another friend’s birthday brunch at Eastern Standard that will be sure to include cute outfits, afternoon cocktails, and so many girlies! Perfect. On Monday I WILL be treating myself to a mani/pedi. Gotta start off the school year right, you know?




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