A new journey


This coming Tuesday is my first day of orientation at  Medical School.

Im excited!! But nervous. Thankfully, I have been participating in a Pre-matriculation Program, easing me into classes and medical school. I have already met an amazing group of people and got some helpful advice from the second year students. I’ve already shadowed the Chief of Medicine.

I realize that I have a crazy journey ahead of me, and I want to document it. Not only for myself, but for people interested in understanding more about what medical school is actually like, from the perspective of a 20-something girl trying to juggle school, fun, health, and love.

You hear a lot of not so great things upon enter medical school. Your life is over. You never have time to do anything. Heck, my physiology professor already told us to break up with our significant others, as they will only be distractions to our school work.

I want to answer questions that they don’t answer in interview sessions.

And so the journey beginsss…..

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