I Graduated!!!

AH! Where to start!?!

So for the last six months, I have been in absolute limbo between the end of college and the start of medical school. A few odd jobs, a professional dance production, a trip to Europe, and a few sleepy summer months are what stands between the end of one chapter of my life and the start of another. I am so so so excited to start medical school, like, I will start tomorrow if they let me, so have been reading the NEJM, watching “medical movies,” and touching up on my medical terminology in my spare time = NERD. I know. That being said, I have been given the gift of time to mentally prepare myself for a really rough few years, as well as soak in the previous five.

College was everything I thought it would be and more. Parties, self exploration, relationships gone bad, relationships gone very good, recognizing and gaining true friendships, finding my passions in life, navigating Boston real estate, defining myself….. It was all wonderful. I can’t really think of (too) many hard times over the past few years, making me the luckiest, I think. Or maybe just optimistic?

I was able to top it all off with the best graduation weekend possible, surrounded by loved ones and filled with way to many cocktails and ridiculous meals.

Life is amazing. Just looking back through my previous blog posts makes me smile. Although I know medical school will present with its own challenges, I know it will be great. Especially with my awesome parents and the most loving boyfriend as my support system.

I know, I’m getting sappy.

I will be moving out of my pretty room in Brookline at the end of the month and will spend June split between Nantucket for some quality Will-time and Chicago for some much needed, quality family-time (Lizzy!!). I imagine a lot of healthy eating,  yoga classes, glasses of wine, Starbucks runs with dad, and relaxation (maybe a little anatomy too) will take place. I move into Posner Hall (Yes, a dorm. Hello freshman year part 2 and never growing up) on July 7th to begin life as a medical student.

So, here’s to closing one chapter and opening another, living life to the fullest, and appreciating all those little things.







2 Replies to “I Graduated!!!”

  1. Ali Wallace, you are still my idol ! I love you girl, you are so positive & doing all of the right things .. I can’t wait to find out where life will take you next 🙂 congrats on graduating !! you go girl! Miss you like crazy! Xxo

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