Interlaken, Bern, and back to Zurich. The ending! : (

Switzerland is beautiful, despite our OK weather and the discovery that we are visiting in its “off season.”

After leaving Lucerne (which ended up being my favorite place that we visited in Switzerland), We hopped a train to Interlaken, the touristy, adventure packed village between two lakes. When we arrived, we were surprised to see that no much was going on, it was very quiet, thus the discovery of the “off season.” But boy was it beautiful. We ended up taking a pretty boat cruise from Interlaken to Thun, stopping a various points along the way. We explored Thun a bit, and returned to Interlaken by train to check into the cutest hotel EVER. I room was so adorable- perks of traveling in the off season. We went to the top of Interlaken’s tallest building for a drink with a view, then had the necessary fondue dinner (cheese and chocolate, yumm!). It was really nice relaxing in our cute room after dinner, we fell asleep to Eat, Prey, Love. 🙂

We took the train to Bern the next day, explored and shopped, and returned to Zurich later and the day to cover some ground that we had missed in the midst of all the Boston drama. My overall experience in Switzerland has been very low key and relaxing compared to the rest of my trip, which was nice. Next time I come to Switzerland though, I will definitely take advantage of all the hiking and outdoor activities that it offers, and in the summer! It has been the most peaceful and safe country I have been to, I really love its way of life. : ) (And the chocolate and cheese!) (But not the ridiculous cost of EVERYTHING.)

I am sitting in Heathrow airport now after a 25 minute walk from our hotel to the Zurich airport this morning at 5 am, a puddle jumper to London, a long walk from terminal 5 to terminal 1, only to discover I had to go back to terminal 4- all with my ginormous backpack and rolly suitcase that I picked up from Marti. Needless to say, a massage is much needed when I get home! I have to hang out here in London until my 4:00 flight, then to Newark for my 9:00 flight to BOSTON! I wish I could just skip the travel day Airplanes- blah. I’m really tired and it is going to be a LONG day. I can’t wait to see Will at the airport! (warning- I may be zombie-status).

Now that my trip is coming to an end, looking back, it seems unreal!! I can’t believe that I have managed to do all that I did with very few mishaps. Everything has been incredible and definitely an experience of a lifetime. Between all of the new places I visited and the people that I met (and reunited with) along the way, this was a perfect way to transition from undergrad to med school, even if my bank account is now quite pitiful. I get to go home and celebrate with Graduation festivities!- Life is good.

I am not going to lie though, I have been bitten by the travel bug (again). Can’t stop thinking about planning my next adventure and all of the new places I want to see!

See everyone back in Boston!







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