Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland :)

Switzerland is the most peaceful, beautiful, and relaxing country I have ever been to! (Even with rain/snow). If it weren’t for its obscene prices, and I mean OBSCENE, I would probably try to move here. The people are so amazingly friendly and the way of life seems efficient, stress free, and happy (well at least that’s what I saw from my 2 days here.)

Unfortunately, I arrived to Zurich in the rain and met Syeda at our hotel. She filled me in on all of the terrible drama going on in Boston, which was very unsettling. We hung out at the hotel for a bit, streaming the news and avoiding the rain. We eventually went out for lunch (30 dollar salads! Ahh!) and strolled around for a bit. We went back to hotel to stream the news more. It is really hard being away from Boston with all that is going on, and I feel really guilty having fun when there is so much to worry about back home. Aside from venturing out to the grocery store (cheaper meals) and a tiny stroll around, the rest of the night was spent in the hotel watching the news and staying out of the rain. I eventually had to stop to watch an episode of Glee, but syeda was super on top of it. The first night in Zurich was definitely very low key and solemn with a hint of homesickness, but both syeda and I woke up this morning (Saturday) feeling super rested and to the news that the suspect was captured!! It is amazing how much of a weight was lifted off of my shoulders that I didn’t really know I was carrying the last few days. We also woke up to snow on the ground! I couldn’t believe it. France was basically summer weather and Switzerland is covered in snow. I guess you shouldn’t see Switzerland any other way. We went to the train station early for our ride to Lucerne, and boy was it beautiful! A winter wonderland.
Today has been great so far! The morning was covered in a rainy snow, but it has finally cleared! We checked into our hotel, which is an old converted jail, which is pretty cool. The bars are still on the windows. And guess what!! I ran into Emmo on another Contiki tour! They are staying at the same hotel with us! It was a happy reunion and I think we will hang out with them tonight.
Lucerne is very tiny! Syeda and I explored all over today and still have the night at our disposal. The town is right on lake Lucerne, with a river flowing through it filled with (so many) beautiful swans and covered bridges. We walked all over, shopped, saw the famous lion sculpture, went to the panorama, and the glacier museum. There was also a good amount of sitting in cafes with hot chocolate. 🙂 Lucerne really is a relaxing sleepy city, all the stores are already closed! I think a lot of people stay here and go up into the mountains, but weather, cost, and time didn’t allow us to. Next time! We did however, walk up to an old deserted hotel on a hill looking over the city and got a great view. It was quite the adventure. There are pretty wooded trails up there that we also explored.

Right now, Syeda and I are sitting in Starbucks because as crazy as it sounds, nothing else is really open! No stores or bakeries.. Just restaurants, which we might be experiencing in a bit (we are definitely getting fondue before we leave!)
Tomorrow we head to Interlaken, then Zurich again the next day to really spend some quality time there! We may even try to squeeze in Bern on Monday too. Fingers crossed for better weather! But regardless of the weather, it’s going to be awesome.
I can’t believe my trip is winding down. It’s been sooo incredible, aside from everything that has been going on in Boston. But, the Boston events are making me looking forward to returning to my favorite city in the world!!
Xoxo can’t wait to tell you about Interlaken!

From a very happy girl 🙂


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