Nice and Monaco

The south of France is breathtaking. Like so beautiful. And there was not a cloud in the sky the entire time I was here. I was basically summer, but cool mornings and night.

Marti and I woke up early to take the train to Nice. When we arrived about 3 hours later, we grabbed a croissant (I am SO going to miss the breakfast here), dropped our stuff at the hotel, and began strolling around. We ended up jumping on the hop-on-hop-off tour to get an overall view of the city since we didn’t have much time there. Nice is really nice. It is centered around a port and has a ton of amazing shopping, cool museums, pretty hotels, and even Roman ruins. When we saw the Longchamp store, we hopped off the bus. Marti bought a new and beautiful bright royal blue bag! That turned into strolling the shopping streets, including a stop into Galeres Lafayette, France’s version of Saks or Nordstrom, I would say. I fell in love with the beautiful French fabrics and all of the French clothing. Everyone here is so well dressed all the time. We did not leave empty handed, however. They had macaroons(!) so obviously we got a few. Rose macaroons are one thing that will be sincerely missed once I leave France. We hopped on a short train to CAP 3000, which is a huge shopping mall with a mac store. Marti had an appointment at the genius bar, so he had a little lunch, went to the mac store, and strolled around. I got a dress!!! And strappy sandles!!

Upon returning to Nice, we strolled the famous promenade along the beach where everyone was lying out because the weather was so beautiful. We sat at a cafe for a drink, then went to an AMAZING restaurant for a nice, long dinner. I got a pork dish (I don’t know what part of pig) over polenta and it was amazing! Topped off with a chocolate lava cake- perfect. Marti was telling me a ton of stories about our families and of when I was little! It was really fun.

We woke up the next morning and took a train to Monaco!!! Monaco is its own tiny country surrounded by France, and it is so luxurious, filled with the rich and famous. Monte Carlo is home to its famous casino, where we sat outside and had a drink. I got the best fresh squeezed orange juice I think I have ever had, but it could have just been the atmosphere. We also took a quick hop-on-hop-off bus tour here just to see the most that we can. I would love to go back! Monaco is really small, but incredibly beautiful. The famous Grand Prix is coming up soon, so they were setting up bleachers and fences throughout the port.

Later in the day, we headed back to charming Cassis. Marti and David gave me a little driving tour around a part that I have yet to see. Cassis is the cutest and filled with the most beautiful homes looking over the Mediterranean. A perfect beach vaca spot. We had our final dinner at the port and I got a tasty seafood pasta. I have been eating so well with Marti and David!

I have been in France for the last 10 days (France is huge!!) and boy will I miss it. Especially croissants in the morning and rose macaroons. I am waking up at 4:45 tomorrow morning to take 2 more trains to Zurich!!! I am SO excited to meet up with Syeda and see Switzerland, although the rainy forecast is not making me very happy. It will be amazing regardless though.

I really need to get some sleep, but check out my pictures here!! (the most recent ones are at the end of the album)

This is Marti and David’s cute front courtyard : )





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