Aubagne, France

Today, Marti took me into the nearby village of Aubagne, where we strolled around the shops, had the best lunch of Chevre Chaud salad,  saw/bought some amazing pottery (RAVEL- world famous!), and visited the home of Marcel Pagnon (a French writer). Marti had to go to Aubagne for a PT appointment, and it is not touristy at all! It was cool to see how the real French live, although I struggled because no one spoke English. It really was a beautiful town.

We took a bus to a Costco-esque shopping plaza, and boy did they have EVERYTHING. We were buying food for dinner, and strolling the aisles, I came across every part of every animal you can imagine, a beautiful array of cheese and sausages, and just about everything else. On the drive home, Marti and David drove me to the top of the cliff that overlooks Cassis and it was soo beautiful! (Marti added photos of fb!, My photos will come soon…)

It was a very lovely day and Marti and David have been amazing hosts! Marti made an awesome dinner again- crepes stuffed with chicken and mushrooms, with an awesome creamy sauce on top. yummy! More dessert and wine obviously.

As Marti was making dinner, I was catching up on my Boston news, reading articles, looking at pictures, and talking to friends. Today was difficult, because Boston was in the back of my mind, making it hard to fully appreciate where I was and what I was doing. It made me homesick for Boston and my loved ones there during this difficult time. It really is so tragic.

I cried. I cried and let it out, and talked to Marti, and started to feel better. What hurts the most is knowing that my friends were so close to the explosions, and felt afraid, and had to see such a horrible thing. Also, Boston is a city that I have felt extremely safe in for the last 5 years, and knowing that it may never feel the same is really upsetting.

At RAVEL, the famous and beautiful pottery shop, the woman who worked the front desk asked me where I was from. When I said Boston, she put her hand on her heart and told me how sorry she was in the most sincere way possible. The world is looking out for us, Boston!

I will be in Nice (and Monaco!) for the next 2 days without my laptop, so will try to post when I get back on Thursday night!

xoxoxoxoScreen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.53.43 PM

3 Replies to “Aubagne, France”

  1. Ali, you are a beautiful girl and I am so so proud to be your mom. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be away as I know your love of Boston and your amazing friends -wish I could be there but I know that Marti will comfort and take care of you.
    Enjoy your trip as sad and hard as it seems, life goes on. Read what Patton Oswalt wrote (posted it on my Facebook).

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