Bonjour from Paris!!!


My first day in Paris started with a croissant and a ride into central Paris.

I realized I have yet to mention Emmo and Matt. Emmo is our awesome tour guide from New Zealand who knows everything you would every want to about history, sites, restaurants, and bars in every city in Europe. He has been a Contiki tour guide for 9 years and is an awesome vibe to have around. He loves throwing things at me (?) and promised to do a “nudey run” if we can figure out his real name (Emerson) and what the s/m/a/r/ and t stand for in “smart car.” (Does anyone know!?!? apparently you can’t google it). Matt is our bus driver from England who is quieter but super sweet. He too has been traveling forever and ever. They are quite the pair and make the trip really exciting (music cues upon arrival of certain sites ect).

Anyway, this morning I joined a few others for a bike tour around the city. It was really fun and we saw and learned a ton. I took some fun videos that I’ll share! Paris is a city that becomes way more meaningful and even more incredible (if possible) once you know its history.  We did the Eiffel tour, Napoleon’s tomb, the military museum, the grand and petite palace, the Place de la Concorde (where thousands of people got executed), the Tuileries gardens, and the Louvre! So fun! (Mom, remember theses places?) It’s fun revisiting places I’ve already been, and instead of worrying about catching all the main attractions, I have just been enjoying the atmosphere.

After the tour, Kate, Pat, Marc, Antoineta and I explored the cute and quite Marais area. We got a recommendation for an awesome falafel place by our kiwi bike tour guide, and ran into him there. They were super yummy and huge. Not quite french, but I will get around to a lovely french cafe meal. We strolled to the bigger island in the Seine and the home of the Notre Dame Cathedral (and the awesome flower market, mom!). We went inside the cathedral, which took our breath away, obviously. I am now relaxing back at the hotel before we meet at 6:15 for a drink and head to the Moulin Rouge!!! I am SO. EXCITED. That should be a fun blog post. The show is an optional add-on on the tour, and I was originally not planning on doing it because it was expensive and what I assumed to be cliche, BUT, after hearing stories from Emmo and watching a preview video, it sounds awesomeeee. Like dancers, comedians, snake in pools,incredible costumes, cabaret at its finest. Plus, it comes with dinner, half a bottle of wine, and half a bottle of champagne per person. It is going to be an unforgettable night, I think. I will keep you posted.

A note on weather: the weather gods are looking over us, I swear. It was supposed to rain a lot today, and I woke up to an ugly sky. We took a group photo in front of the Eiffel Tower this morning with spitting rain, but then it stopped!!! And stopped for the rest of the day. It was cloudy and a bit chilly, but bearable. As soon as we headed back to the hotel to get ready, it started again! Yesterday and today, the timing of the rain couldn’t be more perfect. Lucky.

Tomorrow we have a perfumery tour (interesting), some free time around the city, and out to Versailles!

I noticed my pictures didn’t load last night, so I will try again!

(Ps. My blog has become quite popular! Thanks readers, whoever you are! Besides the obvious of course, Hi momma )


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  1. So glad you liked the bike tour! I am so happy for you that you are having the best time…I look forward to reading your posts and living vicariously through you. It sounds like you are maximizing your time in each place and doing incredible/amazing things. Have the best time! Can’t wait to read your next post 🙂

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