England to France

Today was the trek from London to Paris, via bus, a ferry across the English channel and Cliffs of Dover, and another bus. Upon arrival, we checked into the hotel, had dinner, and hopped on the bus for a quick site seeing tour around my favorite city! Mom- I saw some of the cafes and places we went to two summers ago, and we really stayed in the best location EVER. The bus pulled up to the Eiffel Tour as soon as the sparkling lights turned on- it was basically perfect. Everyone was excited and giddy. We headed to the top for a magical view of the city, it was awesome.

The weather has been so funny! It was rainy, grey, and gross the entireeee day when we were on the bus. As soon as we pulled out of the hotel, we were greeted with a rainbow, and the sky turned blue when we got to the top. I feel so lucky!

This post is a bit drab because I am super tired, but wanted to squeeze one in with a few pics! So much more to come, as I will be in Paris for the next five nights and looking forward to city seeing, a bike tour (Mel- I’m doing it!), the Moulin Rouge Caberet (!), and a trip out to Versailles. Will post more details soon!!


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