London, day 3!

Just had a great, long day in London. I am writing from the hotel relaxing for an hour before we all go see Mama Mia in the West End 🙂

My day started by myself, with a pleasant stroll in Hyde Park (Susan, I saw the Peter Pan Statute- loved it!!). London has impressed me with the weather…it has been a bit chilly, but comfortable, and NO rain. I can’t believe it. Thanks, London. At 10:45, I met my friends Kate and Jordan at the Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards, the strolled over to Harrods. The food court was actually incredible and may be my favorite place ever. Four giant rooms of every type of gourmet food you can think of, I probably could have stayed there all day. We reluctantly left, jumped in a cab, and asked the super friendly driver to take us to a traditional English Pub. He brought us down a super quiet alley to the most idyllic pub, filled with happy British men in tweed jackets and red pants. Fish and Chips and a cider, obviously. It was so fun!!!

After Lunch, Kate and I took a cab to Tate Modern for an afternoon stroll through the galleries. Kate headed to Tower of London, while I strolled to the Globe theater and Borough Market (thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!). (As much as I love hanging with the rest of the group, I am surprisingly happy to explore by myself.) Unfortunately,  not much was open on a Monday, but it was still really cool! I took the tube to explore the Soho district, and am now back in the hotel. Feet. need. rest.

Such a great day and looking forward to an amazing last night in London with the whole gang!! Tomorrow is an early morning as we head to Paris on a ferry, via the Cliffs of Dover. Should be a pretty ride.

My London Top 5:

1)Harrods Food Court

2) Traditional English Pub Experience

3) Strolling around the Mall, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey area (even though it was really touristy)

4) Tate Modern

5) Day trip to Bath! (love, love, love Bath. SO much.)

Wifi has been the easiest to get, and I love updating and sharing with you all, so stay tuned!!

Favorite Shots from Bath (more to come)

Bath Bridge






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