Hello Europe!

I arrived in London yesterday morning (it feels like it was ages ago) and so far, everything has been INCREDIBLE!!

On my very turbulent flight from Boston to Newark, I was having serious doubts and anxieties about coming to Europe by myself, let alone for 18 days, but I haven’t stopped smiling since I checked into my hotel. And the reality is, I am not alone in Europe at all! I met a tour (Contiki) of 48 awesome people in London. I will stay with them through to Paris, Meet my awesome aunt Marti in Marseille, and finally Syeda in Switzerland!

Back track- Yesterday at 9 am, I check into the Imperial London hotel in Russell Square and had the day to explore. I wasn’t meeting the rest of the tour until 6. I went walking, the weather was nice (cold, but sunny- very unlike London) and saw what feels like EVERYTHING! Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, The Mall, The Thames, the telephone booths ect ect. I am so surprised at how accessible everything is. Every corner you turn seems to having something exciting and beautiful, and the vibe is something that is hard to explain, but I love it. At 6, I met my awesome tour leader (a kiwi) and 48 other travelers from all over the world, many of who are traveling alone like me, which made me feel a lot better. I have only known everyone for a day now, but it feels like much longer!! After dinner, we walked to the Picadilly Circus, the West End, Covent Garden, ect, followed by a fun night at the Pub! (I learning about English beers, Will! Although my favorite so far is Australian….) My closest friends are a fun 18 year old Australian dude, a sweet 35 year old recent divorcee, a group of Brazilian girls, 2 guys from North Carolina, and another crazy Australian couple. It is such a wide range of people, and everyone is super friendly and interesting.

After a late night (and practically no sleep on the plane the previous night – I know I will be sick after this), we woke up early to bus around some sights before heading to Stonehenge in Amesbury England- you know the one, the pile of rocks from 2600 BC! It was really cool, but a quick stop. We then headed to Bath, the most peaceful, beautiful, Roman inspired  town for the rest of the day. My afternoon was the loveliest. We strolled around the sites, had traditional pasties (meat pies, kinda) and a milkshake! There were the cutest shops, right on a river, which provoked “I Can’t believe I’m here” type of feeling- Can’t think of a better was to spend my time before medical school!

I’m writing this during my short amount of free time before I head out with a few friends for Curry and a night on the town 🙂 – Tomorrow is a free day, so I have a tone of things planned, including museums, shops, food, ect. And tomorrow night we are all seeing Mama Mia at a famous West End theater. Can’t wait. They day after that we head to Paris.

I really can’t believe it is only my second day here I feel like I’ve been here forever and still have a majority of my trip in front of me. Note to Self: Get sleep.

I will update as WiFi and time allow,



(sneak peak of pictures, more to come!)

_MG_2685 _MG_2717 IMG_2674

2 Replies to “Hello Europe!”

  1. Ali, it looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time! I am so glad that you chose to do this because it will be an unforgettable experience. Keep enjoying, having fun and making memories because you still have the majority of your trip ahead of you! Can’t wait to read more updates and wish I were traveling with you.

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