Apparently I have been eating/baking/cooking a lot. Here’s a sneak peak!

Friday night all you can eat Asian buffet. Will’s coop friend Dee is to thank for the authentic experience. I feel like I should note that 3 rounds of drinks preceded this dinner, including a toasted coconut cocktail. Unlimited Asian food with a buzz was quite the experience for me and my tummy. I didn’t hate it.

Rainy Day bread making using this recipe… We added rosemary, corn meal, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds. IT WAS SO GOOD. Like fresh baked bread out of the oven good. Needless to say, I have thoroughly exceeded my carb allowances for the…month.

THESE. A cookie loaded with health. Oats, carrots, ginger, flax (I added). I have to say, these are probably the most unique cookies I’ve ever baked,  and maybe even the best.Super easy too!

Finally, a view from my bed.

May has been a weird month. I promise to try harder to make my blog more exciting than it has been. June is full of adventures.

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