Happy (late) Easter!

I love Easter! Well… used to. I miss Easter egg hunts, a big brunch, and pretty pastel Easter baskets. I haven’t been home for Easter in the past 4 years, so I’ve had to adjust to celebrating in Boston. I went to Hopkinton for my first 2 years and Kelsey’s family graciously took me in. We made Easter eggs both years and even had an Easter egg hunt! It was almost just as great as Easter at home. Last year, Brit, Jake, and I celebrated at Trident cafe, one of my favorite brunch spots in Boston.

This year, I had to work! : ( And my plan to go to Hopkinton again fell through as Kels was sick. I ended up spending the afternoon with Brits family who became my family for the day. At night, Brit, Syeda, Cary and I decorated Easter eggs! It ended up being a wonderful Easter afterall. Photos from the day:

The kids!

My Easter treat!

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