Mom’s Visit: Part 2

Despite our late Friday night, we woke up early on Saturday to head to the Berkshires! We stopped at Flour for breakfast for the road (this has become a tradition), and began the 2.5 hour drive. First stop: a lovely and chilly walk around Tanglewood, a beautiful outdoor concert venue where we will be seeing James Taylor in July!

A glimpse of the Berkshires…

Next stop: Chocolate Spring Cafe to celebrate my recent employment at Beacon Hill Chocolates! (I start tomorrow, so excited!)

We stopped by to say hello to Mimi and Da (Will’s grandparents and the sweetest people) and enjoyed a cup of tea, fruit, and homemade raisin bread. Can’t forget about Daisy the puppy!

Our final stops in the Berkshires (Williamstown, specifically) were Cricket Creek Farm (stay tuned for photos!) and a brief visit to the Clark Art Institute. We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Mezze with Will’s parents. The food was delectable, local, and fresh and the company was great. Mezze may be becoming one of my favorite restaurants… can’t wait to go back! I love love the Berkshires.


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