Mom’s Visit: Part 1

This weekend, my lovely momma came to visit Boston! (She was way more excited than she looks.)

She was welcomed with a lovely girl’s night and home-cooked dinner on Thursday. On Friday, we walked round the entire city twice, despite the spitting rain.

We love Brix, a beautiful wine shop in the South End. No one left empty handed. We also got goodies from Formaggio and new shoes from the Tannery! Lunch at The Gallows because apparently we can’t get enough.

After relaxing and drying off by the fire at the Lenox hotel, we headed to dinner at Legal Harborside– a more chic version of Legal Seafoods with a waterside view.

We left Hearborside with full tummies and a to-go bag of hot rolls and headed to our favorite bar, Drink, to give Mom a tiny taste of Boston nightlife. Drink makes super crafty cocktails. So crafty, that last minute, the bartender made us three different chocolate cocktails for dessert. Dessert at a bar? Cool.

This photo is a pretty good summary of the night.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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