Intrigue, flavors, and sounds

The first time I heard of the ICA was a couple years ago. My brother was visiting Boston on an art class field trip, and they were checking out the recently acquired Shepard Fairey collection. I was never really one for art. I grew up craving, consuming science. I never really explored or had any real interest in pursuing visual art forms. Back in December Ali and I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum. I was surprised at how much I appreciated some of the things we saw there. Yesterday we made another museum visit, to the Institute of Contemporary Art on the beautiful Boston Waterfront. The architecture of the building is stunning, but I think i liked the MAM better. The exhibit that made the biggest impression on me was this one. I still don’t fully understand it, but it was very unique and entertaining.

We left the museum and walked a couple blocks to the beautiful Legal’s Harborside for a couple drinks and a roll at their rooftop bar. It was beautiful with a 3rd floor view of the harbor and skyline of the northern waterfront buildings. Now that we have a couple years of experience ordering libations, we’re really starting to get a feel for what kind of drinks we like. We’ve been been served some very innovative and well-crafted cocktails at some really fun bars like Drink and Cafeteria.

(Floral credit to Brit, the best florist in Boston)

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