Bagel Mania!

Yesterday I had that “i know im getting sick” feeling as my energy was slowly escaping and my throat killed. W was getting off of work early so we had planned to do something fun. I knew I wanted to stay in, so the obvious activity for the night was bagel making!!! W is the sweetest and brought “feel better” flowers, zinc supplements, a superfood smoothie, stress relief candies, and ingredients to make lemon ginger tea. Soon after I indulged in all of my get better remedies, the bagel making began! It was a long process, but super fun, and B came home half way to help! We stuffed each bagel with kinds of cheese, then sprinkled them with either cheese or cinnamon sugar before we baked them. So yummy, they came out great! We used this recipe. Note: it takes way longer than an hour and 26 minutes like the recipe claims. I want to try this recipe too, but it requires waiting overnight and I just knew we couldn’t wait that long.

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