A Day in the Life on my Infectious Disease Rotation!

I have to be honest. I was not looking forward the starting this rotation, mainly because the patients are older than 18 years old… but so far, its great!! I wanted to use this time to get better at antibiotics and the art of use them, and I am already learning so much!

By the time a patient needs an ID consult, they have been worked up by the primary team so the one that end up in our hands are usually the particularly odd or extremely cool cases. Each patient I’ve had has been a bit of a puzzle, one that is admittedly hard to figure out. Alot of my Step 1 / Pathoma knowledge has been flooding back (Brucella anyone?)

One down side though is that most of my patients are very old and many of them are very sick (having been around kiddos for most of this year, the idea of being present at an adult Code is pretty terrifying). I’ve seen quite a few septic IVDU users as well as end-stage HIV/AIDS patients. Such a change from the Pedi wards!

I’m looking forward to Friday, when I get to go to the microbiology lab and see the behind the scenes would of the millions of cultures I’ve been sending out.

A typical day looks like this:

8:00 am – arrive the the ID fellows office, hopefully with a coffee in hand. I chart review my patients that I need to follow. Check to see in their cultures have grown or the susceptibilities have return. Plan any antibiotic changes or further testing that may need to be done. I usually have 3-4 follow up to see in the am.

8:00-10 ish – See my patients. Make sure they’re not having adverse drug reaction and whatever infection we are treating is improving. Do my exams (it is during this time in particular that I miss my cute/cuddly baby patients). Then I’ll head back to the fellows room to write my progress notes.

10-11:30 – Check in with the fellow, who’s awesome.(I didn’t mention this, but there is no resident on this rotation this month, so I get to play resident.. such good practice for next year!). He’ll give me a new consult to see. He’s good at letting me see the more exciting/interesting patients. Chart review, start my consult note, go see them.

11:30 – Rounds with the attending! This is a super educational part of my day. I present all of my patients and we talk alot about antibiotic choices and stewardship. An ID pharmacists and pharmacy student join us for this portion of the day, and they have a ton to teach me. As you probably know, bacterial resistance is becoming a problem, so much of our conversation take this into account. After we talk, we usually go see the new consults as a team.

12 – I should eat lunch, but admittedly only get a granola bar in because the fellow has already given me my next consult! Which I then read up on and go see. I also reach out the the primary hospitalists taking care of my patients with any updates or changes to our care plan, form the ID perspective.

2:30- Meet as a team again and round on the new consults, as above. The ID surface is super busy, so there are always new patients to see!

5 is- finish up notes, send them to my attending, head home! I’m finding that I need to go read up on new topics every single night… I’m learning so much!!

In other news, this past weekend I had the most amazing time celebrating my bfs birthday with he family/cousins at the beautiful Equinox hotel in Manchester, VT. This including a sleigh ride, out door hot tubs in 10 degree weather, saunas, breweries, and amazing food. Getting back into the swing of things today was a struggle.

Check out my instagram for photos (including me petting a pig!!) : )






Happy New Year!

This year went by so fast! I finished up my third year rotations, found my love for Pediatrics, completed two Sub-Is on the Gen Peds wards and in the NICU, and traveled around the country for residency interviews, during which I had lots of down time to rejuvenate and re-charge.

This next year is going to be pretty insane. I will finish my last 4 months of medical school, find out where I matched in March, graduate in May, then a bit of down time until we move to an unknown place for residency! That will be a whole new story… Eek!

I have a few loose resolutions for the new year. Firstly, I am going to work on having more CONFIDENCE. My fellow med friends probably know, that confidence levels are fleeting throughout this whole process. Especially recently, I often found myself comparing my accomplishments and personality to other applicants on the interview trail. It’s easy to wonder what you have that they don’t. Man, it’s exhausting. At the end of the day though, I think it’s important to realize that if you are coming from the right place, are kind, genuine, and motivated, then there’s not much else to do. Everything should work out the way it is meant to. Right? Right?? Yes. I am so going to stop attributing my success to luck and give myself more credit for my own journey.

Resolution #2 is to be a better morning person. Particularly lately, when I haven’t had a normal schedule, my morning routine is all over the place. I have a ?gift of getting ready for work in about 6 minutes and find a lot of satisfaction in hitting the snooze button many many times. I want to create more sacred morning for myself. Maybe a nice cup of tea and some music to start my day one he right foot. (I got this for my mom for Christmas and secretly want it myself.. How cool??) So, we’lol see how that goes.

Resolution #3 is to read the monthly issue of Pediatrics In Review every month to brush up my skills a bit!

Today is our last day over a very quiet, relaxing vacay in the mountains of North Carolina filled with some hiking and million cups of tea.

One more thing- I turned 27 this past week! Honestly, this is the first birthday that I feel like I’m getting old. I got some amazing presents this year! Most excited for my Soda Stream carbonater and my gift card to try Boston’s famous O Ya!!! 

See you in 2017!


Interviews are OVER!

What a whirlwind these last few months have been! I am finally winding down with my family in the lovely mountains of North Carolina and hoping to use some of this time reflecting on my rank list (eek!). In a few short days I will be back in the clinical world after being away from it for SO LONG (and not to mention back with adults, which has been even longer). I don’t know if any of you medical school friends out there find themselves just craving a routine. Routine is so hard to come by in medical school, and I have never been great about making my own routine. New Years Resolution? Sadly, I know the lack of routine will not get any better in residency…. Gotta work on that! Here are some photos from my Interview trail (sporadic memories) if you would like to see.

So this blog. UGH. I go back and forth about writing and not writing. On one hand, I love sharing experiences and being able to look back on them. On the other though, I question how much I want to share in this professional world, and feel embarrassed at the idea of some of my colleagues coming across this randomly. I want it to be helpful for future doctors and would love to be ale to offer advice! Let me know what you guys think.

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.18.22 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 12.18.38 AM.png


XO ali

The Interview Suit….

Shout out to all my med school ladies who had to endure the stress of finding the PERFECT interview suit.

Interview season is so….weird. The pageantry of it sort of freaks me out and the formality of wearing a suit doesn’t help. I am applying into Pediatrics, which definitely has the reputation of being a fun, relaxed, supportive field, so all of my opinions are biased by this. In the medical school blog world, what to wear to residency interviews stirs up a surprising amount strong, differing opinions: black vs non-black, pants vs skirt, heels vs flats ect.

I chose to go with a black pantsuit. It was an easy decision for me to go with the standard, conservation approach because I wanted no additional reason to be doubtful or less confident on my interview day. If you are the type of girl who thrives on being fashion forward, then totally go for something different! Be you. That is all a residency program is really looking for. And by different, I mean a fun colored blouse, cool shoes ect. Most people stick with black, navy, or gray suits. From my interviews so far, most people wear black. About 1/5 wear navy or gray. 1/3 of the girls wore skirts. I haven’t seen any dresses yet! Surprisingly about half of the girls wore flats.. I’m sticking to the heels because I think they add a really nice touch to the suit.

I am in the middle of my interview season and have managed to only need one suit. I bought a few different tops, but have worn the same one to every interview because I like it so much. My interview days are really nicely spaced, so don’t worry- I’ve had plenty of time for multiple dry cleans :).

Here is my interview outfit ! : ) Click on the picture for the link. I love love my jacket- I think its pretty different and so cute. Definitely my favorite piece.

Primary Image of All-Season Stretch Peplum JacketPrimary Image of Devin All-Season Stretch Trousers

Thumbnail Image of Color Swatch 3622 Image of Pintuck Henley ShellLCF17_X3E0F

My make up is simple (like it always is) and I wear my everyday jewelry, including this delicate number that was gifted to me and that I am so in love with.

What did you wear? So excited until I can put this think in the back of the closet!


2016 Holiday Wish List

The holidays are quickly approaching! Yayyyy!

This post was inspired by a stroll through Anthropologie today- their Christmas decorations are to die for and totally put me in the Christmas spirit! I am so excited for the holidays and so happy and so thankful that I have so much time off to spend with friends and family this year- something that I know will change next year so gotta soak it all up while I can!!

These are a few items I have been lusting over- hope you like them too!

So without further ado….

# 1 Replica Perfume by Mason Margiela

A Parisian perfumery trying to recreate memories based on scent… including but not limited to “Beach walk,” “Lazy Sunday Morning,”  “Lipstick On,” – it’s amazing how accurate the scents are!

My favorite by far was “Flower Market,” which brought me back to strolling through the flower markets along the Seine in Paris with my mom.

Image result for replica perfume


2. Women in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky

Especially in the wake of this crazy election. The illustrations are beautiful and the topic is inspiring. Great for kids but also a wonderful coffee table addition. My favorite page features Elizabeth Blackwell, MD- the first woman to achieve a medical degree in the US.

3. Basically anything/ everything from Anthropologie..

Especially from their Party Shop …. my goodness

Onoira Embroidered TunicPilcro Hyphen Bejeweled Mid-Rise JeansEclat Midi Skirt

Including these amazing Constellation crew socks.

Constellation Crew Socks


4. The perfect black work bag..

To hold my stethoscope, snacks, notes, and books for residency! HI, Pretty. 

Tory Burch 'Block T' Leather Tote

Product Image, click to zoomProduct Image, click to zoomAlexander McQueen 'Heroine' Calfskin Leather Tote

5. Love your Melon beanie

This brand was started by college kids to help find a cure for childhood cancer. 50% of their net profit goes to nonprofit organizations dedicated to cancer research initiatives and immediate support to families.. HOW COOL IS THAT? Also the beanies are adorable.

Love Your Melon


6. Finally, hoping to find time to make some home made gifts! I purchased this weave kit, inspired by this post. Wish me luck!

beginning weaving with maryanne moodie

Also, need holiday cards? Rifle Paper Co., Killin it as usual.


6. Save

Interview Trail

…. And so it begins! Tomorrow is my fourth interview and I’m starting to get my feet wet in the crazy process. Luckily, I have the next 2 MONTHS away from clinical duties (crazy, I know) so I am using this time for a bit of soul searching and so recuperating. I hope that I come out on the other end with a really good idea of what I want my residency experience to look like.

I have also been filling some of my free time on my med school’s admissions committee. I love meeting the new applicants and hearing their stories. It is also a nice reminder of how far I have come through the craziness that is medical school. When talking to the applicants, I am also reminded of how much I love my school and the people I have met here. I cannot believe it is coming to an end!!

I am in a hotel room waiting to meet a friend in an unfamiliar city. I am looking forward to him showing me around and imaging what life would be like should I am match here.

O! I had my first “match nightmare” the other night! It was horrible. I hate how much uncertainty is ingrained in this process. It is so hard for me to know my “worth” in terms of how I will match- it seems as though everyone is so talented and qualified!

Gotta run! This was random.